Welcome to Border Drive Heating

Border Drive Heating, formerly known as Royal Stoves sells and installs outdoor wood furnaces, radiant heating, and related products servicing the residential and light commercial marketplace in Twin Tiers of PA & NY.

Border Drive Services

We have the tools and equipment to complete most installations within one day. We offer exact estimates so there are no surprises. Our estimates are broken out by section, so if you choose to do part of an installation yourself, you can determine your savings.

 – 30 years of Quality Installations –

Pre-poured Concrete Pads

Enables quick, stable installations in any weather. We make our pads larger than the stove dimensions, so there is a stable, fire-safe surface to load the furnace from. Pads are designed for ease of installation in any direction from the house

Custom Pumps

Some of our competition offers a one size fits all circulating pump, whereas we take into consideration the customers needs and application when sizing our pumps.

Digging & Back-filling

We use a rubber-tracked skid-steer to place the furnace and to dig and back-fill resulting in minimal property damage in any type of terrain.

Indoor Heating Options
  • FORCED-AIR: With either existing duct-work or custom shop/household heater
  • RADIANT: Direct or through an existing boiler. Separate zones can be installed for exact control of heat in any room/area
  • INFLOOR HEAT: For new construction, we can install radiant heat directly into your concrete floors. Can also be done in zones for larger applications
  • BASEBOARD: Direct or through an existing boiler

Note: For an existing boiler we can either connect direct or via a heat exchanger, depending on best application and customer’s desires

Custom Projects
Multiple Buildings, pools, hot tubs or green houses; sidewalks or driveways. We are happy to consider a plethora of custom heating projects. Give us a call to begin your custom quote.

About Us

Border Drive Heating (formerly known as Royal Stoves) is owned and operated by Bruce and Jan Roy. Bruce has been installing Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnaces since 1992 when he first became a dealer. We have personally used the Central Boiler brand to heat our home since this time and are convinced that Central Boiler is the best outdoor furnace on the market.

We offer free estimates for installation, with a low-pressure sales approach, scheduled at your convenience. We also stock necessary accessories for the do-it-yourselfer.

You are always welcome to stop and see our stoves on display at 16 Border Drive, Millerton, PA 16936, right next to the Dandy Mini-Mart. We are also available to meet with you at this location by appointment.

Heating Products

The new Classic Edge Titanium HDX EPA certified furnaces are the most efficient, easiest outdoor furnaces to operate and maintain. It has the highest BTU rating of cord wood appliances.
The EClassic Titanium Series is our tried and true non-EPA-certified outdoor wood furnace. The Classic furnaces are easy to load and operate while maintaining durability, quality, and performance. The Classic is prohibited for sale in New York. The Classic models CL-7260 & CL-6048 models are available for sale in PA for non-residential use.

The 255PE furnace is is designed for outdoor or even indoor use. Heated water from the Maxim is pumped to the home or building through insulated, underground ThermoPEX piping – the most efficient way to move heat over distances. Learn more about the Maxim.

ThermoPEX is flexible pre-insulated piping that is ideal for use with outdoor wood furnaces. ThermoPEX insulated piping saves energy and maximizes efficiency by keeping heat loss to a minimum. Greater system efficiency maximizes the delivery of heat from each pound of wood.

26% Tax Credit on qualifying models and installation